About Shane


About Shane

Just a funny-looking bloke with a camera.

About Shane
Shane Young. Photo courtesy Julie Oswin

About Shane…

Well, hi.

I’m not too keen on talking about myself, but that’s what an ‘About Shane’ page is for, isn’t it…so here goes.

I’ve been around a while as a professional photographer. I was born in Gloucester and still live here after ‘cough’ many years, and yet somehow I’m entirely normal. Ask my wife…(another cough here).

Without wanting to show off, I have various accolades and published images to my credit.

The Guild of Professional Photographers inducted me as a lifetime member of the Photographers’ Bar in 2013. In their words, the award was for ‘evidencing an exceptional level of professional skill and consistency for images assessed over the course of an entire year’. Sweet! It’s challenging, to say the least, to open yourself up to criticism from some of the finest imaging pros in the country, and not just once, but every month for a year. But hey ho, it pushes you to be the best you can be. Which is something worth getting out of bed for!

When I was shooting weddings full-time, I achieved a Top Ten position nationally in the Photographer of the Year Awards (Wedding category) for two years running, and surprisingly, the second time I came third. Naturally, this was a huge deal for me, although I like to think my hat size has stayed the same. Twenty feet circumference is about normal, right? I warned you, this is the About Shane page…sorry…

The world is your lobster

I am passionate about photography in many genres but I’m especially drawn to Landscape Photography. The photo below was one I took on the Yangtze River. I never thought of myself as incredibly lucky until I had the enormous privilege to be invited to China to show my landscape photos at an international exhibition in 2012. If you’re in the mood, you can see more general examples by clicking this link, as well as those dotted around this site, of course.

About Shane
Three Gorges Dam, China – image copyright Shane Young

Let’s get you shooting better pictures

I now teach one-to-one, and small groups, showing you how to achieve images like these, promoting a better understanding of your camera, and the digital processing power of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. The idea is to have fun, and, of course, learn at the same time! If you are a beginner or intermediate photographer, and would like to join me for a day, for some one-to-one tuition, or perhaps a group shoot, please get in touch here.

Every spare minute I get, I like to write – be it lyrics, poetry, or fiction. I’ve written one novel and I’m a little way into my second. For as long as I can remember I’ve had an overwhelming urge to  express myself creatively!

You’ve heard more than enough about me – now it’s over to you! Get in touch if you like the idea of gaining some down-to-earth, practical camera knowledge. It doesn’t matter how little you know. We all start somewhere.

As part of the process, you’ll discover some super-useful photo-editing skills, which will change your outlook on what’s possible with your images in a very short time.

Drop me a line.

Learn from someone who does it for a living. So much more fun than reading a mountain of theory in a long, drawn-out college course. You’ll come away not just with renewed confidence but with a sense of excitement at the possibilities that lie ahead. When a ‘light bulb’ moment happens in your brain, which I hope is often, I get a real buzz, and your camera gets a new lease of life!

Contact me here! 🙂

About Shane
Sunflowers – image copyright Shane Young

And it’s not just about landscapes!

What if you fancy going a few steps further? Perhaps you’d like to indulge in a day course of flash photography.

If you would like some seriously useful advice on getting the best from your flashgun, (or speedlite, if you want to get all American about it), please get in touch. Many of my award-winning images were made using on- and off-camera flash. My wedding work has taught me a great deal about photographing people, so why not let me pass on some of that knowledge to you. It’s a wonderful world to discover when playing with light. It’s just waiting for you to dive in. You’d be amazed at the effects that are possible, even in broad daylight. It might not be obvious, but this shot of Hollie on her wedding day was taken at about five o’clock on a summer’s evening.

Hollie on her wedding day.
Hollie on her wedding day – image copyright Shane Young
About Shane
Shane Young. Photo courtesy Simon Dixey

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Mock wedding shoot - Helen
Mock wedding shoot – Helen – image copyright Shane Young