Photography Courses Gloucestershire

Photography Courses Gloucestershire.
Squirrel – image copyright Shane Young

Photography Courses Gloucestershire

Hello! I’m Shane – Gloucester photographer, trainer, friendly chap.

I can help you improve your photos. Which is why I created Photography Courses Gloucestershire.

Do you love taking pictures?

Do you wish your images had a bit more ‘wow’ factor?

Does the photo on your screen look like the picture you had in your head? 

Digital cameras, even budget ones, can do amazing things.

It’s so easy to leave your camera on Auto and let technology do all the work.

But as you’ve probably noticed, the camera doesn’t always get it right. It can’t know what you are thinking!

Robinswood Hill by Shane Young
Robinswood Hill – image copyright Shane Young

Wouldn’t you rather be in control?

The real pleasure is knowing the decisions you make when you press the shutter can turn a dodgy/average shot into a great shot.

Often, the Auto setting won’t come anywhere close to what you want your photo to look like.

For instance: if a background is very dark, the camera will try to compensate and give your subject a horrendous washed-out, over-exposed look. Conversely, if you have a very bright background, your subject will come out in virtual silhouette as the camera tries to adjust for all that brightness.

You can correct this by understanding a few camera basic settings that give you control over your exposure.

Combine this knowledge with better framing of your subject for greater impact, and better use of the available light, and your photography can take a giant leap forward.

Experience the feeling of being in control of your camera and your final image.

If you don’t get that feeling of control when you put your camera up to your eye, try one of my

Photography Courses Gloucestershire.

Photography Courses Gloucestershire
Cud Hill – image copyright Shane Young

If you’re keen to get the best from your camera, or image editing software, I can help. Get in touch or read on to learn more about my local photography classes.

My aim is to help camera enthusiasts of all ages achieve a better understanding of how to make the kind of photos they dream of.

Knowledge is power: knowing what makes an image work, even before you press the shutter, puts you in a position of confidence. There are simple steps you can take every time to improve an image. We will go over them together and shoot practical examples until it’s second nature.

It is all about practice. Using your camera, and gaining confidence.

Be in control of the image.

From conception to the finished, edited picture.

Photography Courses Gloucestershire.
Venice – image copyright Shane Young

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Photography Courses Gloucestershire

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The most relaxing pastime in the world! 

Come and join in – I always aim to make your photo training practical, informative and good fun.

Photography Courses Gloucestershire.
Jump for Joy – image copyright Shane Young

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Mock bridal shoot 1
Mock bridal shoot – image copyright Shane Young


Gondolier, Venice
Gondolier – image copyright Shane Young