Portrait of the Artist

Portrait of the Artist

Welcome to my Portrait of the Artist section – a photo portfolio of creative people by Shane Young.

Allow me to introduce a project that will grow as time permits. Portrait of the Artist – writers, musicians, actors, performers, anyone involved in the arts, from the Gloucestershire area and beyond. Because I’ve been a professional musician, the world of the creative person is what I know most about, and what I like to shoot.

Portrait of the Artist
Performance Poet JPDL – by Shane Young

Let’s talk.

First of all, if you recognise yourself as belonging to one of these categories, let’s talk. Because I’ve been a drummer working in bands most of my life, as well as being a photographer and writer, I can relate to my subjects. Furthermore, we all know that the life of a creative is not often about wealth. So I’ll always be fair.

Portrait of the Artist
Author and book doctor NM Browne – by Shane Young

Most of all, I wanted to do something close to my heart. To this end, Portrait of the Artist is about celebrating art of all kinds and the artists who make the world a richer place. Sadly, funding for the arts has taken a serious bashing in recent times, and is seen by many in government as a lower priority than academia, industry and finance. But without the arts, we are all poorer.

Image counts

When people look you up online, your image is almost always the first thing they see, before they read your profile. Therefore, great images represent you in a profound way. Naturally, a professional look is essential if you want to be taken seriously. Needless to say, an iPhone selfie doesn’t really cut it. Again, any promotion of your work needs images of a high standard, be it posters, website, social media profile, album cover etc.

Portrait of the Artist
Singer-songwriter Emma – by Shane Young

Let’s get the look you want.

Work with me and elevate your image.

Get in touch here to discuss a shoot. Feel free to follow or like my Facebook page.

If funds are particularly low, you can volunteer to be a model on one of my workshops and take away some images from that. Everybody wins. 🙂

Tommy Scott
Jazz Pianist Tommy Scott – photo by Shane

There are many highly talented individuals in my world. I’m lucky to know them and love working with them. Although the life of a creative person can be busy, fulfilling, sometimes hard, sometimes lonely, it’s rarely dull. It’s my ambition to capture the essence of all of it.

Portrait of the Artist
Singer-songwriter Emilie McDade – by Shane Young

Finally, a word about location. Shooting on location gives context. A photo studio can be pretty sterile. When I bring my setup to you, it’s everything studio lighting is, but where you work, or maybe just in the town where you live. Where you belong. Wherever you create your art, or the place you sing about, or what you paint, or what you write about, or where you play gigs.

Portrait of the Artist
Singer and violinist Claire Edwards – by Shane Young

Recently, I was proud to photograph the Spaces project, orchestrated by my good friend George. It’s a brilliant collaborative endeavour involving musicians, artists, writers and creatives of all kinds, which maps eight historic buildings in Gloucester through music, video and art. Although I teamed up with George and others to co-write some of the lyrics and music, I also played drums on one session and took a ton of photos on the others. If you want to check out the photos, music and great videos, go here: www.spacesgloucester.com

Portrait of the Artist
Music producer and multi-instrumentalist George Moorey – by Shane Young

Looking forward to hearing from you.